To Binge, or Blog that is the question now

It’s finally that time of the day when the kid has gone to sleep, the day’s work has been done with, your life partner has given you your daily feedback and the rare appraisal, and you finally have some time to yourself.

As soon as I have that moment, I take out my phone, open Netflix/ Amazon Prime and start binging. Of course, there are times when I take half an hour to scroll and decide what to binge on! Gone are the days when I used to take out that book I had been reading, fondly open the page with the custom bookmark and start reading, till either I doze off or the thing is done with. Gone are also the days when I would power up my laptop to start writing that once a week blog. Weeks turned into months and now months have almost turned into years.

I sometimes wonder what caused this change of schedule. And what I think is the cause is now my mind has become too lazy even to read or write. It just wants to minimize functioning to the lowest level possible to sustain any sort of entertainment- which right now is staring at the screen with only an occasional understanding of exactly what is being shown. I often hear movie critics bashing story tellers that they don’t put in the effort to come up with new storylines and characters anymore- and merely limit them to churning out sequel after sequel. An enormous effort on their part would now result in a prequel at the most. And that’s when I realize- that’s just not on their side- audiences these days have also started limiting their minds to getting into grips with newer things- its better to go with already known characters and watch what their next episode in life unfolds. That’s exactly what makes producers churn season after season of those flicks which would earlier have meant a movie, or at most only one sequel. Human creativity is at its all-time low. We are just waiting for AI to take over on that front too, I guess.

Brace yourselves, binge offers are coming

Arguers would say I am being too cynical. I would like to ask them when was the last time you actually read a book? Read the newspaper too for that matter? Blogs are being replaced by Vlogs- it’s the same psychology at play here. Shoot and upload- in place of put in the extra effort to write, edit and post.

Maybe I should also start my personal Vlog. Nah! I think again. It’s better to go back to next season of Money Heist now, once that’s available. Till then I would just keep to scrolling my social media feeds and the amazon shopping list.

(PS: This is my first under 500 words blog post by the way).

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